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OK, so my Spartans didn’t do too well last night. I think it was a bit too much to expect, that 10 or 15 20-year olds could turn around a city, a state, a national economy struggling to succeed. I think we all knew it would have been a Hollywood ending, but every now and then it sure would be nice to live in Hollywood, wouldn’t it?

In other, happier news, I dragged Rosebuds out on the terrace last night and photographed it. It’s made progress since the last time I showed it to you! I’ve temporarily set aside the edging, although as you can see from the big picture it’s still on its needles, in order to pick up and knit the first border.

Rosebuds as of 6 April 2009

Rosebuds as of 6 April 2009

The white line along the length of the edging is my “pick up stitches here” thread, which I’m passing over the working yarn on each return row. That way, I don’t have to squint at my knitting while I’m picking up stitches, trying to figure out what it or isn’t a stitch. I just run the needle along the “lifeline” and pick them all up. In the next photo, you can see where the border is rising up off the edging. I’m currently standing on row 23 of 144 (yeah, I know, I said 136, but I mis-counted), so 1/6 done with the total number of rows on this border!

Progress on the border, in detail

Progress on the border, in detail

I can now do 2 rows in just about 45 or 50 minutes, so one episode of a standard US 1-hour drama on DVD, and of course the rows are getting shorter with every pair. With two cones of yarn, two sets of knitting needles, an extra yard or so of knitted edging, and two little butterflies plus one ball of “pick up stitches here” yarn, I spend a lot of time wrangling bits and pieces while I’m getting down to knitting, but it does eventually work. Now to work on it consistently…


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Well I had a productive weekend!  How about everyone else?

Two yarn swatches are finished and I’ll be posting my reviews of those yarns later this week… no, I won’t tell you yet which yarns they are.  I have thoroughly memorized this pattern now and am heartily tired of it, but I’ll stick with it.  My reasoning, if you can call it that, is that if I do all the swatches in the same pattern, comparing them will be more valid than if I randomly jump from one to the other as I feel like it.  Besides, I know this one know and I’m too lazy to switch to one I’d have to memorize all over again :).

On the Rosebuds front, I’ve now picked up and started on the first border.  With 12 rows of 136 done, and every second row getting shorter, I’m at just over 11% of the way done with the border.  Gee, if I could take the next week off and knit for 6 hours every day, I’d be done with this border.

Well, on to another week for all of us.  Happy Monday!

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After spending part of the day knitting a swatch as part of my swatch project, and part of it knitting a “proof of concept” test swatch, I’ve actually picked up for the first of four borders!  Two whole rows done, isn’t that special?  But hey, it’s progress, and it really feels like I’ve moved on past an inertial hump with this shawl.

The new swatch report will come either Monday or Tuesday.  Until then, happy knitting!

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Bear with me here, I just had a thought strike me Wednesday afternoon while I was doing data entry in a database, and I need to think it through “out loud.” My apologies to anyone who’s seen this on the HK yahoo group; I’m trying to get as wide a catchment area as possible.

Gather Ye Rosebuds:  I’ve always planned it as a border-inwards shawl, with the edging knitted in one strip, then the borders all 4 at once picked up from the edging and knitted, then finally the center knitted on the diagonal, so there would be no grafting, and since I’m knitting from a cone, theoretically no joins either.

We’ve seen, from knitted-on borders as well as from Princess and similar applications, that knitting in direction A can be attached to either live or dead stitches or rows in knitting that was worked in direction B (different from A), and no grafting is required.  Thread joins, of course, are a different matter.

Is there any reason why I can’t

  1. knit some of an edging, more than is needed to provide the stitches to be picked up for the border on Side A, then let the edging ferment while I pick up stitches and knit Border A;
  2. knit enough more of the edging to pick up stitches for the border on Side B, then once again let the edging ferment while I pick up stitches and knit Border B, doing a k2tog or something similar where it butts up against Border A in order to attach them;
  3. repeating step 2 for Side C;
  4. repeating again for Side D.

At this point, I would have all the edging knitted, all the borders knitted and connected to each other, and I’d be ready to knit the center onto live stitches that had been placed on waste yarn at the end of each border… just as if I’d knitted all the edging, then knitted all the borders as my original plan.

Anyone out there who sees a problem with this method?

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Golly gee, I did a whole 10 rows on my Rosebuds edging last night.  Eep!  Just a little bit behind schedule again, but I’m sure I’ll make it up ;).

I’m having a really hard time feeling motivated at all right now, about anything (well, other than wanting desperately to start a new project!) in any facet of my life.  I just got the Estonian lace book yesterday, and will be getting Sarah Don on Shetland lace and Margaret Stove on lace any day now.  Plus I’ve ordered the Queen Shawl and it’s on its way.  I am having the worst time not stuffing Rosebuds back in its oh-s0-glamorous ziploc bag and marooning it back on the Heap O’Yarn where it was living for a couple months, so that I can start something else.

I won’t let myself, but oh, the cravings!

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As of Sunday evening, I have 56.5 edging points done, which leaves me with 67.5 to do… only 1350 rows, only 43200 stitches left in the edging!  I’ve found that the best way to protect my wrist is to work for 45 minutes, rest for 45 minutes, and alternate like that for a couple hours, then take a couple hours completely away from knitting.  But I’m still on track to finish by my goal date, with fewer than 1.5 points to do per day.  I can do this!

Also worked a whole two rows on my Peacock Feathers shawl.  Wow, stunning progress there.

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Where did the weekend go?  Seems like Friday was just here a little bit ago…

I tried photographing the dyed yarn from Saturday this morning and it looked terrible.  Will have to do some experimenting in the next little while and see if I can’t get better photos.  In the meantime, well, you’ll have to imagine it :).

I spent most of my non-dyeing time working on the Gather Ye Rosebuds edging, and have now gotten 50.5 edging points done (out of 124), for completion of something like 19.6% of the total shawl.  I’m back close to my original schedule, so as long as I do some knitting every day I’ll get there in the end.  I reached a point last night, though, where I just plain had to lay the needles down and declare my knitting done for the weekend.  Also no photo of GYR, it rained all day yesterday and photographing dark yarn in my house isn’t going to get you anything but a dark-colored blob.

I find it difficult if not impossible to single-task, and generally knit while listening to DVDs of some sort (can’t exactly knit lace while watching a DVD!), and lately I’ve been on a West Wing kick.  I’m currently halfway through Season 6, and it’s become a slog.  I think for me, it really started to go downhill in Season 4, and the second half of Season 6 and all of Season 7 are downers.  I’m not sure if it’s because the stories seem to become more soap opera and less a lesson in constitutional, two-party, separation-of-powers governance, or what, but I’m tempted to set WW aside and watch something else.  Maybe I’ll go back and watch ER again, it’s been a while since my last ER marathon.

Any suggestions for good shows available on DVD?

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