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Real Princess Progress

I am pleased to announce that I have FINISHED the first border chart of Princess and am slowly steaming my way up the second chart! Chart 1 had 62 rows on it, and I finally finished row 62 yesterday afternoon, working through row 64 before finally putting it aside for the day. Which puts me at 74 rows of knitting, or 10.8% of the way done with the whole shawl, or 31% of the way done with the border. And I’m still only on my first ball of “yarn”!

Spent most of Saturday in the village of La Turbie. Originally I had planned to photograph the Trophy of Augustus, but I went down there with only my digital camera (that was deliberate) and no memory card in the camera (that WASN’T deliberate). So I spent the time scouting the site, figuring where I might be able to get good photographs from, and having a delicious lunch (perfectly cooked lamb, sweet and almost-overcooked mange-tout, and frites, creme brulee for afters, and a good glass of red wine). I get to go back this weekend with the film camera. Hopefully I’ll remember the film!


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More Princess

Because all of you reading along at home are just dying to hear, aren’t you??? 😉

Princess is indeed making progress. Not very fast progress, but progress none the less. I didn’t get any knitting at all done on Sunday. Had my riding lesson (I have to leave home at 0630 to make my 0711 train, which connects to an 0759 bus, which leaves me off at the supermarket at 0835 to wait until the store opens at 0900, then after I buy a couple carrots and some water I walk down to the stable to get there at 0930 for a 1000 lesson… this public transit thing is horrible!), got home, talked to my mum, and then fell asleep on the sofa with two cats. Woke up three hours later, had some dinner, sat down on the sofa, and you guessed it, fell asleep again. Woke up at midnight and decided I should just go to bed! So no knitting in between all the sleeping. (more…)

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Princess, Mark 2.0

Tonight while I’m on the train to Arles, I’m going to be ripping back the 10 rows of Princess that I’ve knitted so far, plus getting rid of the initial provisional cast-on which I did with horribly stiff polyester thread. I’ve got some new cotton thread which will be much nicer to work with, and much less likely to damage the cash-silk over the next 17 months, and will be casting on again for Princess. I think this time I’ll put in markers for the repeats as I cast on; the first time, I used thread markers to indicate sets of 25 stitches, but obviously I miscounted somewhere!

So, I go from being 2 rows ahead as of Wednesday, to being way in the hole as of tonight. Oh well, at least it’ll be right this time.

Have a great weekend!

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It’s official

I counted twice more this morning, and Princess has 33 stitches more than she should. So tonight, rather than starting the actual pattern knitting, I get to take the needle out of my 1054 stitches, rip back 9 rows of the 10 I’ve done, pick 1021 of those stitches back up, and spend another 12.5 hours getting back to where I am right now.

Yes, it was horribly tempting to just decrease one stitch every 30, and solve the problem that way. I don’t think anyone would really be able to tell. But I’d know that it had been done. Besides, this lets me solve two other problems. I’ve been wondering for at least 9 of those 12.5 hours I’ve spent knitting so far whether my first couple of rows were too tight and were going to give me real problems blocking. This way, I can take them all out and knit them again at a better tension. Plus, in about row 4, I set the needles down in the middle of a row to change the DVD. When I came back, I realized that I had dropped about 5 stitches, several of which had run down a row or two. Although I picked them back up and re-knitted them, they weren’t knitted “correctly”. I doubt I’d even be able to find them, but this way they won’t be there.

This does make me wonder, though… is it over the top to put a lifeline in each and every row?

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So there I was tonight, bombing along on the last row of plain knitting before I began the actual pattern work tomorrow. Like a smart knitter, I decided to put in markers for each repeat on this last set-up row rather than waiting until I work the first pattern row. So, cast on 1021 stitches. Work back and forth for several rows. Three stitches on one end, 70 stitches in the first pattern repeat, 78 stitches thereafter for 12 repeats, and 12 stitches left over. Right? Right???

Well, no. Should have been, but not. How about 45 stitches left over? Or, 33 stitches too many.

Go back and count each repeat. Yes, some of the markers are off by one or two stitches, but even so, there are still 33 stitches too many.


I’m going to check the break pattern tomorrow and see if I added a few too many yarn-overs, or forgot a few k3tog, or something that would explain my 33 stitches too many. I have a bad feeling, though, that I’ll be ripping all the way back to my first row with the cash-silk to get rid of those 33 stitches too many. This is not unrecoverable; I’m currently doing 2042 stitches a day in 2 1/2 hours. If there are 700,000 stitches in the total shawl (which is a pretty darned close number as far as I can tell) and I do 2000 stitches per day every day, it will take me 350 days to knit the whole thing. Since I was allowing 17 months, I have some slush time, but this is not how I wanted to start the Princess!

Stay tuned for breaking news on this potential problem…

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