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Anyone have any ideas what sort of hiccups WordPress was having this morning?  Almost like their servers were trying to go down, or something.  Anyway…

Right, yesterday I promised you a shot of my unvention.  Here it is before blocking, I didn’t have time this morning to photo it before I left home.  But it’s a square (well, almost)!  Look!

A square!

A square!

Isn’t that special?  Really,  I’m jazzed about this one, and the possibility that I’ve got a solution for the center of my Mirkwood shawl.  Now I just have to make a larger test square / diamond to test my charting and see if the pattern works.  This swatch was knitted with the Lacis NP28 “Pashmina Shetland”, which I’m beginning to like more and more as I spend more time using it.

And on the swatch-knitting front, I had to rip out my HK Cash-Silk swatch last night, all 17 rows of it.  Somehow, gossamer weight yarn and the wrong reading glasses don’t work nicely together, and I wound up several stitches off in the pattern, then dropped a couple of stitches and yarnovers while tinking,  and, well, that was that.  Looking on the bright side, though, it’ll let me see how the yarn does with being ripped and re-worked.

Added to everything else,  my TKGA Masters packet came yesterday.  Ulp!  I have to knit how many swatches?  The fun part is going to be finding worsted weight, light colored, WOOL yarn around here.  Although Phildar does seem to carry some 100% wools, they seem to be heavy DK to not-quite-worsted.  Haven’t checked Bergere de France yet, but from memory most of their worsted is acrylic or acrylic-mix.  It’s very odd, to me, as in Germany I have no problem finding wool, silk, cotton, and various mixtures thereof, but I have a devil of a time finding real honest-to-goodness wool here in the south of France.

So how is life where you all are?  Leave a comment and we’ll chat!


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