More Princess

Because all of you reading along at home are just dying to hear, aren’t you??? 😉

Princess is indeed making progress. Not very fast progress, but progress none the less. I didn’t get any knitting at all done on Sunday. Had my riding lesson (I have to leave home at 0630 to make my 0711 train, which connects to an 0759 bus, which leaves me off at the supermarket at 0835 to wait until the store opens at 0900, then after I buy a couple carrots and some water I walk down to the stable to get there at 0930 for a 1000 lesson… this public transit thing is horrible!), got home, talked to my mum, and then fell asleep on the sofa with two cats. Woke up three hours later, had some dinner, sat down on the sofa, and you guessed it, fell asleep again. Woke up at midnight and decided I should just go to bed! So no knitting in between all the sleeping. Continue Reading »


Princess, etc

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve said anything about Princess, hasn’t it? I had gotten myself far, far behind (I think 24 rows, by last night), and was finding it difficult to work on her every night. So yesterday I sat down, counted up the days remaining between yesterday and the day I wanted to have the border done, counted up the rows, and divided one into the other. I can still make it without overloading myself; two rows each weekday and three rows each weekend day will get me there perfectly. So that’s good news! Continue Reading »


Oh dear oh dear. Somehow (following links from Claudia’s blog to Carol’s blog to Susan’s blog), I was lured into the underbrush of pretty shawl knitting AGAIN this morning. And friends, I have fallen hard. What have I fallen for?

The Featherduster shawl / scarf. You’ve got to see it. Really, follow that link, I’ll wait.

Back so soon? Now, can’t you just see that worked in a glowing silk-mohair yarn dyed in peacock hues? Teal, and turquoise, and purple, and indigo, and black, and dark green, and maybe even just a flash of crimson for interest. Sort of a base of this color, with hints of all the others in there to make it interesting. Isn’t that just a gorgeous blue-green?

And you know, there’s no way on earth that I can work on Princess at the bus stop. This shawl, though, would work for bus-stop knitting. So I could, to some extent, multi-task.

I’ve sent off for a ball of KSH to play with in my dyepots, and we’ll just see what it becomes.

In other news… I was lucky enough to do a wee bit of yarn shopping in NYC while on my way back from seeing my parents in August. I’ll have pictures for you soon!

I’ve been spending money like nothing this morning, but at the end of it I’m SO excited! The opera singer whose voice I most admire, whose musicality I most appreciate, etc etc., is Placido Domingo, who this year will be returning to his baritone roots to sing the title role in Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra. The minute I heard about this casting I wanted to go, and now I’m actually going!

What else is exciting? Well… Continue Reading »

While I was at my parents’ place until last week, I got myself all caught up on Princess. Then I started traveling. Last Wednesday, I did most of a row on my first flight of the voyage (small-town airport to PHL), and finished the row that night in the Newark Hilton. Started another row after I boarded the EWR-FRA flight, and got 10 of 13 repeats done by the time we took off and reached cruising altitude, but wound up setting it down when dinner service started. Hadn’t touched it until tonight. At the moment, I’m 8 rows behind, but if I don’t finish today’s allotment I’ll be 10 rows behind. This is not good.

But hey, I’m 7.3% of the way done with the knitting, and 20.6% of the way done with the border. That’s not bad!

Hello all! I know, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m currently sitting in Newark airport waiting for my flight to Frankfurt and then back to Nice… it’s been a good vacation, but it’s time to go back to work now.

On the Princess front, I’m only a row behind at the moment: I finished row 39 of the border (out of 240) yesterday, and I’m counting on getting at least a couple rows done on the overnight flight. I’ll post a picture in the next few days, but it’s actually starting to look like something!

Hope everyone had a good few weeks…


I’m sure any knitter who knits in front of anyone has heard the classic line:  “but why make a pair of socks / a sweater / a shawl?  You could buy it for so much less!”  Well, yes, I could, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Even if the knitter in China, or the knitting machine in Tunisia, or whatever, used the same yarn to make the same product that I’m making (and what are the odds of that, I ask you?), there is no way it would be the same.  Every piece I have finished (and some that I haven’t finished!) has memories knitted into every stitch, and when I take the pieces out and look at them it’s like seeing a part of my life again. Continue Reading »